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Why This Strategic Guide in 7 Steps for a Successful Business Transfer?

Many entrepreneurs think that the complexity of the transfer operation discourages them from starting quickly, and when they do, they wonder where to start first.

By addressing the 10 most frequently encountered questions by business owners in the transfer phase, we believe that this guide will allow you to begin the transfer process in more serene conditions.

Many questions and problems may be overwhelming:

Is this the right time to pass on my business?

Who is the best buyer? A member of my family, an employee, or an external buyer?

Is my retirement provision taken into account in my plan?

There are so many questions about you and the future of your business that you may not know where to start.

At this stage, it is essential to reflect on the “why of this transmission project” and on all the consequences of this decision on you and your company.

Let’s Make the Right Decision Together

You will need to analyze the impact of the transfer operation on your business in relation to your objectives, motivations, and needs by prioritizing the issues and asking the right questions.

We offer you a free, non-binding, and confidential consultation.

You will be able to share your project freely and without obligation.

You will benefit from attentive and benevolent listening focused on you, your needs, and your expectations.

Confidentiality is essential. At the end of the interview, you will have taken stock of your project, its feasibility, the issues, the needs, the important points, and will already receive some courses of action. You will see things more clearly!

Download this 7-step guide to successful business transfer, which has proven itself in more than 400 transactions.

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Actoria has swiftly identified the inefficiencies in our company’s processes, proposed optimizations, and implemented them effectively. Furthermore, Actoria has provided outstanding support throughout all stages of our company’s transfer to a group within our industry. This includes preparing our company, identifying potential buyer partners, and negotiating up to the point of the partner’s capital entry. Actoria delivered expert negotiation skills and secured a valuable partner for us.

We were quite anxious to find a solution, as my health was deteriorating rapidly. Actoria’s consultant played a crucial role in the successful completion of my company’s sale. Their involvement was essential in executing this delicate project, as it impacted our daily operations. This project, which was close to my heart and increasingly necessary, was made possible thanks to the decisive momentum provided by Actoria.

First, Actoria conducted a thorough assessment of our company’s strengths and weaknesses, and then suggested incorporating these insights into our management approach to enhance our company’s value. Actoria led this project alongside my entire management team, enabling the involvement of all key personnel, and swiftly implementing a solution that allowed an investor to enter our capital. This was complemented by the inclusion of some of my company’s executives and a bank.

I couldn’t be happier with the result, but I am especially pleased with my decision to work with Actoria. The success of this mission was the direct result of Actoria’s hard work and sophisticated professionalism on my business. From our first meeting through the reasonable preparation process, all phases of the transfer, legal and financial operations were managed by the Actoria team. Their skills were even more evident when the complexities of this transaction were at its peak.

Hiring Actoria made the difference to achieve my original goal and move on to my next professional challenge. Selling a company like AMR in this market has not been an easy task. Actoria has demonstrated perseverance in identifying good buyers with knowledge of my industry in order to continue the development of my business, and has provided professional advice throughout the process.

The company’s sales process was a lengthy and challenging journey. The professional support from Actoria made this endeavor much more manageable. I would like to extend special thanks to the consultants from Switzerland and France for their highly effective collaboration. Your consultants proposed creative solutions during the negotiations, which effectively overcame significant obstacles in order to finalize the agreement. Their experience, knowledge, and professionalism played a crucial role in the success of this transaction.

The group in short :

Every year More than 30 successfull transactions with 20 Senior Consultants and Partners On companies with 5 to 100 employees With a turnover of 1 to 100 Million

We are located in many countries in Europe and Africa to provide access to foreign buyers/investors:

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